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5 Women, 5 Stories, 1 thing in common "brokenness." I've experienced many things in my life! Seen a lot of things, took a lot of loses, so much so that the pain just can't be explained. God often reminds me that the things in which I've experienced were never for me, but for me show what "victory" looks like to somebody else. Often times we go through things and we wonder, "why me?" As Women we look at our girlfriends and everything looks so perfect. We follow their social media platforms and everything looks picture perfect.She's fabulous, heck we are fabulous! But the unrevealed hurt most times is never disclosed. Despite if she wears a Manolo Blahnik or Nine West pump, the one thing in common that's never disclosed, is the pain that she's standing in! The shoe makes her look good and appear to have it all together. The one commonality shared in every woman is some experience of brokenness. Broken Heels Repaired was written to evoke brokenness that has held you bound while giving an understanding of brokenness. It also exposes the caveat to some of the things that cause brokenness and methods that will walk you through the process of healing! Girl you've been standing in that mess too long, it's time to move on!!! What's broken can be fixed, I got you!!!!

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