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In 2015 Ed Sheeran became the first artist to perform solo at London's iconic Wemsley Stadium. 3 historic nights, a total crowd of 240,000 and just one man on stage.This spectacular concert film directed sy Paul Dugdale presents the story of these shows - the Biggest of Ed's life.All the major hits are here, including The A Team, Don't, Sing and worldwide smash Thinking Out Loud. There's even a surprise appearance from Sir Elton John with a one-of-a-kind duet - all in front of a rapturous homecoming crowd.As well as Ed's Breathtaking onstage performance, Jumpers for Goalposts intercuts the story of his triumphant road to Wensley - after millions of albums sales, multiple awards and playing to audiences everywhere.The film presents a revealing and personal glimpse into life Backstage, and on the road along with honest and intimate reflection By Ed - mad those closest to him - on Just how far he has come.Содержание:01. I'm A Mess02. Lego House03. Photograph04. Bloodstream05. Don't06. I See Fire07. Don't Go Breaking My Heart08. Thinking Out Loud09. The A Team10. You Need Me, I Don't Need You11. SingExtra:Afire LoveDrunkTenerife SeaTake It Back / Superstition

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