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Description: Bench Drill Stand/Press For Electric Drill With 35-43mm Collet Introduction: This is a new adjustable drill stand, perfect for shop or home use. Designed for use with power drills with collar diameter of 43mm or 35mm Drilling depth up to 60mm, has 2 holes for mounting. It has a solid column bar and sturdy base with slots for fitting a machine vice. This Plunge Drill Stand is ideal for holding your drill steady during use and allows for much more accurate drilling than hand-held operation. (Not contain drills, flat-nose pliers, wood.) Specifications: Base Material: Aluminum Cranks and column material: carbon steel Chuck diameter: Max. 43mm Drilling depth: Max. 60mm Total height: 400mm Shaft diameter: 25mm Bottom: 150 * 150mm Drill boss diameter: 35mm / 43mm Box size: 42cm * 17cm * 7.5cm Features: Depth gauge Plastic collar insert Mounting holes Allen key & holder - for adjustment Accessories list: Cast iron base x1, Column bar x1, Lower limit Fixed sleeve x1, Rocker x1, Adjustable plastic fixed sleeve x2, Hex wrench 5mm x1. Package included: 1X Drill Stand
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