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This study is an attempt to collect current data on the reasons for women’s non-employment identifying the major social, religious and cultural factors which influence the employment and non-employment of women in Amman city. The research utilises both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and consists of a survey of three employed women plus a senior manager in each of 25 public and 25 private institutions and a questionnaire survey of 120 households. The analysis of the data indicates that demographic, socio- economic, attitudinal and cultural factors influence women’s employment status. Discriminant analysis identified five key variables which discriminated between employed and non-employed married women. These variables were: 1. the husband’s agreement for his wife to get a job; 2. age of oldest child; 3. the women’s own educational level; 4. The husband’s educational level, and 5. personal income satisfaction. The results are discussed in relation to the existing literature and the study concludes with a discussion of the contribution to knowledge and to policy making. Important proposals include the need for a change in the attitude of people towards women’s employment

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