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The spread of unrest on the wheels of new media in Arab world at the beginning of second decade of 21st Century changed the political scenario in the Middle East. Democracy was allowed to be flourish by East and West with a liberal mind. This work reveals the political shift in the post 9/11 mindset of West as well as the concerns of East heavily dependent on Western Media. This work covers the media analysis techniques with the dimensions of political, new media and old media challenges and issues. The work reveals the old western mindset from orientalism and post 9/11 to democratic one where democracy was given a chance to bloom in the tightly dictatorial region of Arab World under the threats of Islamic Fundamentalism. The work will be beneficial for the researches in democracy, New Social Movements, Arab Revolution, New Media vs Old Media, shifts in political views of the West against Muslims and for the students of Journalism working on framing analysis.
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