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aoluguya e27 5w 320ml 4000k white light led bulb lamp w quantum dots remote phosphor tech купить по лучшей цене

Attention: This is not the normal led light. It has the special design with high technology of Quantum dots and Remote phosphor which will bring us the natural light. The brief introduction of technology: Creative High Technology with Quantum dots and Remote phosphor. The blue ray LED remote stimulation Quantum Dots Nano crystalline reduces the temperature and the fading thus improves the color temperature drift and light quality. Transfer point light source into surface light which increases light uniformity reduces glare and enlarges the emitting angle. All the above mentioned technology makes this product a special feature of heat elimination. Meanwhile it’s special lighting system with its unique yellow silicone hat and selected LED core give out the perfect elegant warm white light. Features: Soft light effect and no glare; Top LED chip high light efficiency; Utilizing new remote phosphor technology good eat dissipation long life span; No harmful infrared or UV light no glare & radiation. The first choice for healthy lighting. Widely applied in chandelier wall lamp and decorative lighting. Natural healthy and Professional. High Technology brings you a high quality life. We invent artificial natural light source. This light source is infinitely close to the solar spectrum light source meanwhile it does not contain infrared solar spectrum violet and ultraviolet and other harmful ingredients. There is no flash frequency and it is continuous spectrum so it is almost the same as the natural sunlight. Just bring me home and make your family full of sunlight everywhere and any time you as like. Our goal is to make the LED light more natural and healthy. Even in the evening or late in the night you can enjoy the natural light. Natural light to provide you with eight or nine in the morning sunlight.
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