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The book addresses the issues of teaching grammar, a highly controversial area of communicative language teaching (CLT), from a unique Bangladeshi perspective. In so doing, the author makes a creative synthesis of the different approaches to and techniques of teaching grammar in CLT classrooms as suggested by leading experts in the field, conducts an empirical study of Bangladeshi EFL classroom realities, beliefs and attitudes of teachers and learners about grammar instruction, and finally develops a series of recommendations for grammar pedagogy in communicative classroom settings. The crux of the argument in the book is that grammar should be taught not as an end in itself, but as a means towards effective communication. A typical classroom procedure for grammar teaching forms a cycle in which stages of presenting new language items, its practice and free production or communicative activities followed by error correction merge in a continuum and a teacher may begin his/her class from any point he/she thinks suitable. Teachers of communication-motivated language programs will find useful insights in the book which is also a unique document of TESOL research in Bangladesh.
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