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This book is a result of the accumulated experience & knowledge over the years in the area of teaching of Sanskrit language, which could very well serve as beginners’ textbook in the Depts. of Education in Indian universities. This will help teachers and teacher-educators in teaching Sanskrit. It is an in-depth instructional material discussing various aspects viz. Importance of Sanskrit,Sanskrit Education at Secondary level,Relevance of Sanskrit in modern age,Methodology of Teaching Sanskrit,Qualities of a good Sanskrit teacher,Sanskrit Nyayas,Memorisation in Sanskrit,Sanskrit and Religious Education-Value Education,Art of pronunciation,etc. India is honored in the world as a land possessing long intellectual, moral, spiritual & cultural heritage preserved in Sanskrit. It is the parent language from which many Indian languages are derived. It is a great unifying force in India. Contribution of Sanskrit to various fields of learning-secular and religious, is priceless. Hence, it must be popularized and well represented in the modern education system. The book thus provides in detail the instructional material to fulfill long awaited need for the improvement of Sanskrit teaching.
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