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amput aptp446 digital 2 0 lcd pocket scale deep grey silver 2 x aaa купить по лучшей цене

Brand CONTEC Model BABY SOUND B Color White + Purple Material ABS Quantity 1 Display Screen 1.0" display Functions Disigital display the rate of the fetal heart beat Power 2 x AAA (not included) Features The probe and main units integrated together; Delicate and compact design portable to use; Particular 2 Headphone Sockets design can let expectant mother and father hear the fetal heart sound together; High sensitive doppler probe; Low ultrasound output intensity much lower than the relative government standard and with high safe quality; Low power vonsumption two AAA size batteries can last more than 8 hours for continuous use (depend on battery type and volume); Can be connected to a computer or recorder to record the fetal heart sound with recording cable; LCD FHR display with high accuracy; Screen will be locked automatically without signal for 15s which is convenient for pregnant women to operate individually Packing List 1 x Fetal heart beat monitor 1 x Earphone (140cm) 1 x English user manual
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