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amput aptp446 digital 2 0 lcd pocket scale deep grey silver 2 x aaa купить по лучшей цене

Brand GOOD Model GD-920D Color Silver + black Material PVC Quantity 1 Charging Battery Type AA / AAA Charging Battery Qty 4 Plug Type EU Plug (2-Round Pin-Plug) Input Voltage AC 100~240 V Output Voltage DC 1.2 V Output Current (AA) 1200mA x 1; (AA) 600mA x 2; (AA) 300mA x 3; (AA) 300mA x 4; (AAA) 600mA x 1; (AAA) 300mA x 2; (AAA) 150mA x 3; (AAA) 150mA x 4 mA Other Features Can charge NIMH or NiCd rechargeable battery; Constant voltage charging mode the battery voltage is turned off when full of electricity will improve the service life of the battery; EU plug in-line mode AA / AAA battery uses the independent charging mode the corresponding LED charging indicator. LCD show the charging process; If the battery voltage is too low (0~0.9V) the charger can repair the battery itself; Universal input voltage globally applicable; Input: AC 100~240V 50 / 60Hz; Output: 1.2V 1 x AA 1200mA; 2 x AA 600mA; 3 x AA 300mA; 4 x AA 300mA; 1 x AAA 600mA; 2 x AAA 300mA; 3 x AAA 150mA; 4 x AAA 150mA; Alkaline: DC 1.5V 4 x AA 120mA (AV) Packing List 1 x Battery charger 1 x Charging cable (EU plug / 120cm)
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