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Highlight of ILURE Max 18Kg Aluminum Fishing Lip Gripper Controller Retractor with Rope Made of aircraft aluminum alloy body, very sturdy. CNC (CNC machine tool cutting) processing, 3D irregular chamber, prevent sliding out, not easy to damage the fish. 3D design retractor, wide finger contact area, comfortable control feeling. EVA Handle: Good softness, shockproof, anti-skid, strong resistance to pressure High quality metal ring, connecting elastic rope. Special design gripper, suit for kinds of fishing. Head closed tightly, it can be loaded to 18Kg. Specifications Brand Name ILURE Fish Weight Max Drag 18kg Material Space Aluminum + EVA Handle Product Weight 129g Product Size 27.5L x 4.6W cm Rope Length 19.5cm Jaw Mouth 17mm Package Content 1 x Fishing Lip Gripper

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