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100A DC Digital Multifunction Power Meter Energy Monitor Module Voltmeter Ammeter With 50A Shunt Description: Working Voltage DC 6.5V-100V Measuring Voltage DC 6.5V-100V Measuring Current 0-100A Rated Power 10000W Display LCD Display Format Power 0.0-999.9W (1KW) Energy 0-999Wh(10KWh) Voltage 6.50-99.99V Current 0.00-100.00A Shunt Voltage 75mV Current 50A Feature: 100A DC multifunction power meter with 50A shunt current LCD display wih backlight, easy to read Equipped with external shunt design, no extra needed Power, current, voltage and energy display and monitor timely easy to know electric energy consumption Electric energy clear function, perfect for various device monitor separately overload alarm function (over power alarm threshold, the backlight and voltage flashing alarm) Power memory, shave the power parameter when power down, safe to use Operaqtion Tips: 1. The backlight control By short press the button to turn on or off the backlight, In the bakclight mode,the data will automatically store when power down 2. The energy cleared Step 1: Press the power button 5 seconds until the digital display "CLr" then release the button; Step 2: Now it is in the "energy clear" mode, press the button again, the energy data is cleared and stop flashing; Step 3: If in the "energy clear" mode you do not press the button in 5 seconds,then the energy data will not be cleared 3. Set power alarm value Step 1: Press the button, when the power area display "SET " release button, Step 2:it is in the pweor alarming setting mode, the voltage area displays the highest value of the voltage alarm,the current area displays the lowest value of the voltage alarm. Then you can press the button quickly to increase the value" +1" when there is no key operation more than three seconds, Package included: 1X 100A Power Meter 1X Shunt
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