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Video The HTC-2 thermometer hygrometer features with indoor and outdoor temperature display, indoor humidity display and time display, 12 hours / 24 hours select-able display system, clock, date function, and daily alarm function. In shorts, it has high stability and accuracy but low power consumption. Thermometer Indoor and outdoor temperature display, centigrade and fahrenheit unit switch. Temperature range during -50 - 70 Deg.C (-58 - 158 Deg.F ). Hygrometer Indoor hygrometer display, hygrometer range during 10pct - 99pct RH. Multi-functionDate display, Time display, Alarm Clock, 12 hours / 24 hours selectable display system. Portable Design Fitted with desktop stand or hanging hole. One inbuilt 1.5m testing probe for outdoor, it can install on the wall with sucker cup or adhesive bracket Power Supply Power is supplied by one 1.5V AAA battery, the battery is not included in the package. Specifications Body Material Plastic Display Type Digital Temperature range -50 - 70 Deg.C (-58 - 158 Deg.F) Accuracy + / - 1 Deg.C (1.8 Deg.F) Resolution 0.1 Deg.C (0.2 Deg.F) Humidity Range 10pct - 99pct RH Accuracy + / - 5pct RH Battery 1 x 1.5V AAA battery (not included) Product Weight 200g Product Size 111 x 108 x 23 mm Package Contents 1 x HTC-2 Thermo Hygrometer1 x Sucker Cup1 x Adhesive Metal Bracket1 x English User Manual
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