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Video The Universal Multifunctional Vegetable Mincer, designed for making more delicious food and saving time for cooking. Multifunctional Food Mincer It can be used to mince various food, such as vegetable, meat, and nuts, which is a great assistant in kitchen. Food-Grade Material Adopts food-grade material, safe and non-toxic to use. Stainless Steel Blades Comes with quick and evenly mincer speed, time-saving and labor –saving. Ergonomic & Durable Handle Ergonomic design, touches comfortable and uses smooth, easy to grinder meat and vegetable. Suction Base Stand firmly, not easy to slip; and you can pull the pull-tab to unlock. Egg Separator A practical egg separator on the lid, you can use it to separate egg yolk and egg albumen. Dehydration Basket Dewatering for vegetable, more convenient. Easy to Clean and Store It's easy to take apart for cleaning. Specifications Name Multifunctional Vegetable Mincer Type Vegetable Mincer Material 402 Stainless Steel, Food-Grade ABS Color Red Capacity 2000ml Outer Diameter 18.5cm Package Weight 850g Package Size 25 x 25 x 25cm (L x W x H) Package Contents 1 x Multifunctional Vegetable Mincer 1 x Handle 1 x Triple-Blade Cutter 1 x Egg Separator 1 x Dehydration Basket1 x Stir Device1 x User Manual
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