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30cm adorable kfc cheese cat plush animal toy купить по лучшей цене

This Pusheen Cat plush toy features mermaid tail and a starfish bow on the head, brings the magical Pusheen Mermaid to life in eye-catching pastel colors! It is a perfect gift for kids, and it can be a decoration in the car or your room. Features Pusheen Cat with mermaid tail and starfish bow on the head, adorable design, kids will love it. Made from soft, huggable plush material, will not hurt babies' skin. Stuffed with quality PP cotton, bring you comfortable hand feel. Surface washable, suitable for ages of 1 years old and above. A perfect decoration for your home, car, bar and etc. Specifications Material Short plush, PP cotton Product Weight95g Product Size20cm x 13cm Package Contents 1 x Pusheen Cat
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