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1DMAX Nylon Coating Much more durable than the ordinary nylon material, this 1DMAX nylon coating can be used for a much longer time. Water Resistant Material There coating material is also designed to be water resistant. You can no more worry about the rain drops damaging your cameras. Large Room for Larger Capacity This carry bag can storage up to two cameras, two lens, one phone and one tablet, one extra flash light and one set of cleaning tools kit. Shock Proof Inner Lining With the thickened inner lining with a thickness of up to 11mm, the bag can reduce shocks to protect the inner devices efficiently like cameras and lens. Bottom Hooking System There is also a specially designed hooking strips at the bottom of the bag. You can storage the tripod here easy and simple. Specification Product Brand QZSD Product Model QD01 Type Shoulder Bag Carrying System CR anti slippery Extra Loading Bottom tripod loading Color Coffee Bag Material Nylon 1DMAX Inner Lining Velvet Max. Capacity 2 cameras, 2 lens, 1 flash light and tripod hanging at bottom Size 320 x 180 x 230mm
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