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3 0 lcd digital alarm clock w message board calendar thermometer white 3 x aaa купить по лучшей цене

Model A Fluorescent Message Board Alarm Clock Brand: HIGHSTAR This is Model A (No USB Ports & USB Cable) Model B please search Product ID: 1002245 ( 4 USB Ports & USB Cable) Batteries and DC cable are not included Are you still in trouble of forgetting things? Leave yourself a massage on this board, and set the alarm. It will remind you with music and bright words. Do you want give someone surprise? Are you worried about patient forgetting medication? Do you need a decent gift now? JUST BRING IT HOME. :) FUNCTIONS Highlighter Memo Board Date, Time, Temperature Switchable Celsius & Fahrenheit Formats 3 Groups of AlaRm & Snooze Function Birthday Celebration Count Down & Stopwatch Function 16 World Famous Songs Calendar Inquiry Between 2000 & 2099 12-hour or 24-hour Formats HIGHLIGHTER The package will come with a highlighter. One side is erase head, the other is pen point. It's easy to draw and wipe. When this pen is run out, don't worry. It can be replaced by ordinary highlighter. SPECIFICATION: Material: ABS Plastic & Electronic Movement Brand: HIGHSTAR Model: A (No USB Port & USB Cable) Light Color: Blue, Green Power Supply: 3 x AAA / DC4.5 Battery and DC cable are not included Size: 138 x 65 x 116mm PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 x Model A Message Board Alarm Clock; 1 x Highlighter; 1 x Manual Model B Click Here SKU299542 Are your computer's USB ports not enough? This clock is equivalent to a USB converter. It is also a power bank to charge your cellphone.
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