2pcs front bumper fog light fog lamp left right for toyota corolla 2005 2008 - купить helpalt.ru  
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2pcs front bumper fog light fog lamp left right for toyota corolla 2005 2008 купить по лучшей цене

Use this coupon"carcar" to get 10% discount off of this light. Also you can find some more discount products from this page by using "carcar". http://deals.banggood.com/deals/edm/topic/carlight160321.html?utmid=548 Features: 1. It can be more effectively to warn the behind vehicle to avoid traffic accident with too close distance when driving in the rain, fog and sandstorm weather. 2. It also provide more eyecatching position warning of the vehicle and steering indication when driving at night . 3. What's more ,the automobile laser fog light also is beneficial for the novice to make Para auxiliary line when they driving back into the garage. 4. Water temperature protection,Anti-reverse protection dust Specification: Output Power: 100MW/300MW Input Current: 80MA-200MA Laser wavelength: 635nm5nm Light angle: 15 Degree Life: 10000h Working Temperature: -20-60C Notice: 1.Don't directly with your eyes 2.Installation position do not cover the car number plate 3.The propduct only applicable for the cars with 12V-24V voltage Install: 1.Connect the wire with the Reverse Light/ Parking Light/ Brake Light/ Plate Lamp Wire. 2.Use the 3M Sticker(Inside the package) to fix the laser light,you can decide which part would you like to choose. 3.Adjust the angel,it can be adjusted 180 degree Package Included: 1 x Car Laser Fog Lamp
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