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This book is a manageable text which focuses on the fundamental aspects of pure sine wave communication inverter design that provides practical results in economic fashion. It is structured without excessive demands on the reader’s mathematical skills and concentrates on the engineering perspective of reliable power supply design. Classic circuits which give insight into the design processes are presented. Engineers, Technologists and Technicians will gain a good feel for the methods and ideas that contribute to reliable grid power source needed to operate transceivers, and other data communication and terminal equipment used in the Telecommunication industry or Electronics Communication environment. This book will also be a useful introductory text for higher technical and undergraduate students. The book explores a range of fundamental considerations in an expert fashion to accurately interpret the needs of the reader on the techniques used for pure sine wave power inverter design including: Layout of Functional Modules and Simulations Pulse Generator and Divide by two Counter Low Pass Harmonic Attenuator E-MOSFET Power Switch Configurations Paralleling the E-MOSFET
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