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Description : Mini Universal Flexible Magnetic Base Holder Stand Dial Test Indicator Tool Set This is a nice indicator tool for you .~ Magnetic stand that uses a switchable permanent magnet for convenient mounting onto flat iron or steel surfaces. The arm can be hydraulically locked in any position using the knob on the upright . Useful for holding dial indicators or dial test indicators during alignment operations. Features : Permanent magnet operation with ON/OFF control. V-grooved base for secure mounting on cylindrical surfaces. Ideal for holding lever indicators at any orientation on a machine tool for alignment operations. Flexible, strong, and precise rotary joints,can adjust any direction and location. Powerful magnetic base, with on/off switch for magnet. With high stability, it will be your ideal tool in the measurement of precision workpiece field. One magnetic base. It can used for Dial indicator and Lever dial indicator, etc Designed with three joints. Easy using for metalwork pieces. There is On/Off switch on the base. Specifications : Base Size(L x W x H) : Approx. 40 x 29 x 35mm Total Height : Approx. 19.4cm Clamping Hole Diameter : Approx. 8mm Material : Metal Package included : 1 x Universal Magnetic Base Stand ( The indicator is not included, you can find it in SKU127670 to complete the tools set : ) (Can also buy a Digital Dial Indicator in SKU173788) Details pictures :

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