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200w full spectrum led grow lights led lighting for hydroponic indoor medicinal plants growth and flowering grow tent купить по лучшей цене

Waterproof SMD LED strip adopts high brightness LEDs as light source. Outer adopts innovative materials as its waterproof cover, which prevent UV, water and dust effectively. A must have for LED lighting decoration. Features 4500lumens Brightness All the light spread and completely smooth, luminous very even. Water Resistant Special water resistant design, protect LED light strip from powerful water jets. More Energy Saving Low power consumption, super-bright but running with low temperature. SMD 5050 LED High intensity and reliability, more than 50000 hours of life span. 300 LEDs & 3 LED Section DIY design, every 3 LEDs as a section without damaging the rest strips, according to your requirement. Applications: Light up colorful home life, DIY household lights for hallways, stairs, trails, windows. Light up colorful life hotels decoration use, theaters, clubs, shopping malls, festivals and performances. Architectural decorative lighting, archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting, security lighting and emergency. Extensively applied in backlighting for signage letters, concealed lighting and advertisement sign lighting. Applicable for automobile & airplane model decoration, contour lighting or border. Specifications LED Color White View Angle Side-emitting Working Voltage DC 12V LED Quantity 60LED/m, 300 LEDs Working Current/Meter 1A Output Power 12W /M Working Temperature-20 to 50° Waterproof Yes Full Length 5 Meters Beam angle 120 degrees Luminous Flux 4500 lm Weight 210g Product Size 50 (Length) x 1 (Width) cm Package Size 23 x 23 x 3 cm
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