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Excerpt from Hawkins Electrical Guide Number One: Questions, Answers, and Illustrations; A Progressive Course of Study for Engineers, Electricians, Students and Those Desiring to Acquire a Working Knowledge of Electricity and Its Applications; A Practical TreatiseThe word "guide" is defined as:One who leads another in any path or direction; a person who shows or points out the way, especially by accompanying or going before; more particularly, one who shows strangers or tourists about; a conductor; leader, as "let us follow our guide."This book, or "Guide" is so called because it leads or points out the way to the acquirement of a theoretical and practical knowledge of Electricity.There are several guides, each covering in detail a certain phase of the broad subject of Electricity and leading the reader progressively, and in such a way, that he easily grasps, not only the simple fundamental facts, but the more complex problems, encountered in the study of Electricity. This is accomplished by the aid of a very large number of illustrations, together with specific explanations, worded in concise and simple language.The Guides are written partly in the question and answer form, as this style of presentation has met with hearty approval, not only from those of limited education, but also from the better informed.About the PublisherForgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at www.forgottenbooks.comThis book is a reproduction of an importa...

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