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2 pcs 9 inch lcd dual screen headrest dvd video player usb sd dvd cd mp3 mp4 car pc entertainment fm ir headrest 2 ir headphones купить по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Model FJD-131 Qty 1 piece(s) per pack Color Black Material ABS Specification Compliant with DVD DVD+R DVD+RW VCD CD CD-R CD-RW MP3 MP4 JPEG CD MPEG4 DIVX Other Features SD/MMC + USB + Earphone + AV OUT + AV IN + DC12V + GAME USB + ANT+; Screen size: 7" (16:9); OSD Language: Chinese English French Russian Portuguese Spanish Latin and German; LED backlight; 180 degree rotational screen; Resolution: 480 x 234 RGB; 3-in-1 card reader: Can read SD MMC MS card support up to 8GB; TV colorful system: PAL / SECAM / NTSC; TV sound: B/G(5.5M) 1(6.0M) D/K(6.5M) or M(4.5M); Super electronic seismic: DVD 3 second CD / VCD 10 second MP3 90 second; FM radio: 87.5MHz~108MHz; IR remote controller remote distance: 5m; Games function; Can copy CD to USB / MP3 Keywords Display 10.2 "TFT LCD Screen16 9 widescreenLED backlight Resolution 480 * 234 * RGB (dot) screen adjust the hue brightness contrast special features 180 ° rotating screen designThree in one card readerSD card reader can read MS MMC card expansion card maximum support 8G card USB2.0 high-speed interface TV jack FM radio transmitter game controller interfaces MPEG4 English subtitles breakpoint memory play type of support MPEG4 DVD SVCD VCD CD DVD ± R / RW CD-R/RW JPEG and MP3 format discs 1)Screen Display Language: 8 languages: Chinese / English / French / Russian / Portuguese / Spanish / Latin / German.Compatible with DVD / DVD + R / DVD + RW / VCD / CD / CD-R / CD-RW / MP3 / MP4 / JPEG CD / MPEG4 / DIVX 4) Super electronic anti-shock (DVD 3 CD / VCD 10 seconds. MP3 90 seconds).Receive cable channels.TV color system: PAL / SECAM / NTSC 7.TV sound: B / G (5.5M) 1 (6.0M) D / K (6.5M) or M (4.5M).Support SD / MMC cards and USB 9) Built-in stereo speakers headphone output.AV input / output function folding and automatic image flip function/Configuring ultra-capacity rechargeable lithium battery: Battery capacity 600/Full function infrared remote control: Infrared remote control 5 m range/Switching power adapter (AC 100-240V CD Input: 12V 1.5A)./Game features/CD can be copied to USB/MP3 16) Radio: 87.5MHZ-108MHZ Features LED-backlit LCD backlit LCD screen applications ordinary high-end LCD screen LCD color performance ordinary light color and more color performance is good light single color color performance general life of 100000 hours generally 3-5 million hours Power Consumption 1.3W 3-4W color gamut (NTSC for the color TV standard) 105% NTSC better color saturation of 78% NTSC work long heat a small easy screen burns anti-aging ability high operating voltage low heat 6-24V 1000V high voltage drive. Packing List 1 x DVD 1 x 100~240V 2-round-pin plug power adapter (110cm) 1 x AV cable (60cm) 1 x Antenna (70cm) 1 x Game controller (80cm) 1 x Remote controller (2 x AAA included) 1 x Chinese / English manual 1 x CD
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