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Features: Digital electric peephole also called electric door-eye; The common peephole in anti-theft door consists of two concave and convex lens; Digital electrical peephole plays an important role in home anti-theft door monitor and it is composed of digital camera mainframe display screen; High resolution video picture pixels is 300000 clear image LCD screen superior to traditional door-bell; DIY only need 5 minutes to install; Recognition superior to traditional ones: it can show images clearly and smoothly moreover it can not be twisted or distorted; Users are not to be limited even the old with poor eyesight or the little kids; Low power remind function: When the power is not enough the indicator at the right bottom of screen emits light. It shows that we should change battery immediately; Super vision: Lens 54 angles the outside 190 angle image function; Used for differently-thick door Model-12mm uvdicon (used widely); Thickness of door: 3.5~5.7 centimetre / (1.38~2.24 inch. Specifications: 2.2 inch LCD screen; 15S automatic shutdown; Resolution: 240 x 320 RGB; Peephole: view angle 150 degrees; Camera pixels: 300000; View angle: 100 degrees.
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