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1set 13000 ic tl866cs programmer usb 2 0 eprom flash bios 6 adapter plcc ic tl866a programming high speed diy kit купить по лучшей цене

Introduction Memory can be a variety of color TV (24 Series IC) LCD (24.25 series IC) Desktop Motherboard (25 Series IC) notebook (25 series IC) router (25 Series IC) graphics (25 Series IC) DVD (25 series IC) set-top boxes (25 Series IC) software for backup erase burn calibration and other activities. Features: 1 Using specially produced CH341A chip USB. ATMEGA8 programming faster than ordinary 25 series programmer to do 2-3 times faster. Erase the programming speed is probably 2-3Mbit check every minute. Very suitable for the amateur programmer 24 and 25 series FLASH. 2 Support WIN98 WINME WIN2K WINXP VISTA WIN7-32 bits etc. operating systems. 3 8-pin serial BIOS chip can be erased you can read and write to achieve a wide range of support chips. Programmer support chips list : AMIC: - A25L05P A25L10P A25L20P A25L40P A25L80P A25L16P ATMEL: - AT25DF041A AT25DF321 AT25F004 AT25F512A AT25F2048 AT25F4096 AT25F1024A AT25FS010 AT25FS040 AT26DF081A - AT26DF161A AT26DF321 AT26F004 EON: - EN25B05 EN25P05 EN25B10 EN25P10 EN25BF20 EN25P20 EN25F20 EN25B40 EN25P40 EN25F40 EN25B80 · EN25P80 EN25F80 EN25T80 EN25B16 EN25P16 EN25B32 EN25P32 EN25B64 EN25P64 Excel Semiconductor Inc. - ES25P10 ES25P20 ES25P40?? ES25P80 ES25P16 ES25P32 ST: - M25P05A M25P10A M25P20 M25P40 M25P80 M25P16 M25P32 M25P64 M25PE10 M25PE20 M25PE40 M25PE80 M25PE16 M25PE32 M45PE10 M45PE20 M45PE40 M45PE80 M45PE16 M45PE32 MXIC: - MX25L512 MX25L1005 MX25L2005 MX25L4005 MX25L8005 MX25L1605 MX25L3205 MX25L6405 MX25L6445 MX25L6405 (SOP16) NexFlash: - NX25P80 NX25P16 NX25P32 Chingis Technology Corporation - Pm25LV512 Pm25LV010 Pm25LV020 Pm25LV040 Pm25LV080 Pm25LV016 Pm25LV032 Pm25LV064 Saifun Semiconductors - SA25F005 SA25F010 SA25F020 SA25F040 SA25F080 SA25F160 SA25F320 WINBOND - W25P10 W25X10 W25Q10 W25P20 W25X20 W25Q20 W25P40 W25X40 W25Q40 W25P80 W25X80 W25Q80 W25P16?? W25X16 W25Q16 W25P32 W25X32 W25Q32 W25P64 W25X64 W25Q64 CD: http://m5.img.dxcdn.com/CDDriver/CD/sku.320467.rar
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