1set 13000 ic tl866cs programmer usb 2 0 eprom flash bios 6 adapter plcc ic tl866a programming high s - купить helpalt.ru  
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1set 13000 ic tl866cs programmer usb 2 0 eprom flash bios 6 adapter plcc ic tl866a programming high speed diy kit купить по лучшей цене

This is the latest released Professional SPI Flash High Speed programmer model in 2014! Model: ZSCH2014 SPI Flash high speed programming Serial 24 / 25 / 45 / 93 series programming Car DVD chip programming AV programming PDVD programming LCD TV programming DVB programming DPF programming MID EPC programming PMP programming MP5 GPS programming IC number Automatically Identification Description: Not necessary to connect to computers; off-line; the simplest one-button burning operations reduce production costs and production equipment ; read from SD \ MMC card and program burn in a unique way; eliminating the step of making the master chip; also work on IC 1 to 7 on the copy mode. IC number identify automatically: put IC into the master (MASTER) position and hold the [AUTO ] button for 5 seconds to start automatic scanning later corresponding IC brand and model will be updated automatically displayed on the monitor; for some models unsupported please use the button manually to select models. Software upgrading through the extension files in SD \ MMC card adding support for new models of SPI Flash. The machine provides a Versatile universal naming IC model for most SPI Flash when the card is in the data source you can use this model to copy . Easy to upload files. Only save files from SPI Flash to SD \ MMC card. Name the file FLASHPRO.BIN. Display the cumulative count of successful copies convenient batch counting. Support the current universal SPI FLASH chips: (SMD package SOP requires different packages purchased patch burning seats ) Amic; Atmel; Eon; Esmt; Excel; KH ST; GD; SST; Mxic ; Chingis; Silicon; Spansion Winbond; Saifun; NexFlash; 93xx; [ Eeprom their capacity to choose is compatible to be equipped with special adapter seat (DIP SMT) ] and so on . Professional device for professional man! Just take it and make your programming more professional!

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