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1pcs lot battery holder box case 3x aa 4 5v with switch купить по лучшей цене

Can be used to charge flash lamp with external power input ports including on-camera flashes from Sony and GODOX; With 8 AA batteries it shortens the recycling time and gives more battery flashes between battery changes for flashes; If this device is auto on it enters into the intelligent mode. Intelligent mode (flash giving off a signal): this device auto checks whether to be on or off according to the working status but can not be turned off by pressing ON/OFF button; Manual mode (flash giving off no signals): this device can be turned on and off by pressing ON/OFF button. Notes: if this device is used for a flash the flash must be installed with batteries that have sufficient power. Indicator status: green: charging / red: fully charged / blinking red: low battery power and please replace new batteries immediately / blinking orange: over high temperature and please turn it off and wait for ten minutes before using it again; Battery: 8 x AA LR6 alkaline batteries or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (preferred)
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