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15pcs 14500 battery holder single diy 1 aa battery box case 1 5v with pin купить по лучшей цене

3.7V 1A USB Power Bank Case Kit 18650 Battery Charger DIY Box For iPhone All Cellphone Please note this is a DIY Power Bank Case Kit,You are required to assemble them yourself,and the battery is not included . Mobile Power sets of materials includes: power motherboard + supply enclosure Features: Support replacement of 18650 Li-battery. Easy to use and secure Can also be use as Battery charger for 18650 batteries Function:power bank and rechargeable 18650 battery charger Compatible with: iPhone6+/6/5S,Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4, Note 2/3, HTC, Sony, Motorola and other cellphones with a micro usb socket Plug and Play, power output using the USB port, plug the data cable to achieve portable, ready to charge Specification: Cell type: 18650 battery Input: DC 5V Output: DC 5V/1A Size: 2.1x9cm/D*H Color: Black,Blue,Silver,Gold,Rose-red,Red,Grey,Purple,Green Note: This is mobile power kit, 18650 battery is not included. The battery must be right installed before you can use. Installing the battery must pay attention to the positive and negative, anti-loaded will burn, burned out is not returned. Since this is a DIY kit, all products by professional test. The type of battery is flat top 18650 battery, like this one: http://www.banggood.com/18650-Lithium-Battery-2600mah-3_7V-Rechargeable-Battery-p-965030.html Package include 1 x DIY Power Bank Case/ Box (battery is not included) More detail:
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