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405nm 250mW Thick Beam Violet Laser Module Projector For Bar Stage Exhibition Stand Lighting Description: 405nm 250mW violet module with stable thick beam, aerial aluminum housing,long continuouslyworking time up to 8 hours,perfect for bar,KTV,stage,exhibition stand and escape room game lighting decoration usage. Specification: Shell Material aerial aluminum Output Power 250mW Wavelength 405nm(violet laser) Voltage DC 3.6-4.2V Current 300mA Beam Shape dot Beam Diameter 14-16mm Life Time 8,000 hours Working Temperature -40-80 Size 22X55mm(D*L) Quantity 1pcs Feature: 405nm 250mW violet dot laser module Aerial aluminum housing ensure high heat dissipation efficiency and long working time Equipped with mitsubishi laser diode,stable laser beam output and long life time Low power supply requirement,just one 18650 battery or Li-ion battery needed Waterproof laser lens,more applicable places 14mm-16mm diamter thick beam Perfect for KTV,bar,stage,exhibiton stand and escape room game etc. usage,creating gorgeous lighting effect Note: 1.There is only one laser module included,the terminal block is not included. 2. The red cable is anode,the black cable is cathode. Package included: 1X Violet Laser Module
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