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10pcs paper change bags and composite paper dust bags with high efficiency of vacuum cleaner for ro1717 ro1733 ro1751 vd 2314etc купить по лучшей цене

video This Robot Vacuum Cleaner features a 2.95cm ultra-slim body, which allows you to easy reach every low area place, such as sofa or table. It comes with three-stage cleaning systems including sweeping, brush, and suction. Sweeping: Side-brushes spinning with high-speed, sweep the dust and ashes down to the bottom of the device. Brush: Brush the dust and ashes into the dust box. Suction: High-efficiency motor with vacuum suction, release with clean air after the filter process. 2.95cm Ultra Slim Body Easy to reach every corner and narrow place; and meanwhile it will not occupy much space. Gear with the High-Efficiency MotorGenerate the instant strong suction, bring the better cleaning experience. Three-Stage Cleaning Systems Sweeping, brush, suction available meet your cleaning needs. Bionic Type High Coverage Running Path System Achieve the high efficiency with the creative system. Two Charging Manners Charging with the standard micro USB charging plug or power bank. 35ml Dust Box and High-Efficiency FilterEnough space to store the dust and other tiny rubbish; and premium filter for high-efficiency cleaning ability. Shockproof and Fall-Proof with the Perfect Protection Made of shock-proof and fall-proof material, very durable to use; and several sensors can help to avoid impacting and suits for any situations. 2200mAh Built-in Li-ion Battery Large capacity battery with impressive long working time to finish the cleaning. 60dB Low Noise Working Process DesignKeep yourself away from the noise and let your baby have a good sleep. Designate Different Working Modes to Different EnvironmentDesignate different working modes, like optimized spot mode, it is suitable for low areas such as under sofa and table. Programmed Smart Algorithm Aim to cleanness level of the different environment to make the better-scheduled cleaning plan. Specifications Brand IIUTEC ModelR-Cruiser Working Voltage7.4V Rated Power7W BatteryLithium Battery Capacity 2000mAh Charging Time The charging time is around 2 hours if you use the USB charger with 1A current output, the charging time is around 1 hour if you use the USB charger with 2A current output. Working Time≥90min Working Temperature-10 degree to 45 degree Working Humidity≤90% RH Noise Level60dB Capacity of the Dust Box35ml Product Weight750g Package Weight1300g Product Size25.8 x 22.8 x 2.95 cm Package Size32.5 x 8.2 x 34 cm Package Contents 1 x R-Cruiser Robot Vacuum Cleaner2 x Side Brush1 x USB Cable1 x User Manual
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