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Pimp your ride! There is no better way to impress crowds then by rolling up in your pimp ride. Nowadays girls and boys have become car enthusiasts always upgrading and adding gadgets anywhere they can fit them on their vehicles. Adding media devices is one of the most popular modifications and can be really simple especially if you just replacing your headrest. This wicked gadget will allow the people in the back seat to watch any DVD they want even while the driver is listening or watching his own media. It will also keep your little ones completely occupied while they watch their favorite media. It has multiple video inputs and draws minimal amounts of power. This pimping gadget even supports infrared headsets for wireless relaxing listening. It supports NTSC and PAL on its 16:9 7" LED backlit display with a resolution of 480 x 234. Controlling this DVD player has never been easier with its fully functioning remote. Enjoy the comforts of your pimping toys no matter what seat youтАЩre in in the vehicle you have or simply make your old beater the envy of your friends by installing this wonderful toy. - 16:9 7" LED backlit high definition display (480 x 234 RGB) - Working voltage: 12V - Working power: no more than 4W - Standby power: no more than 0.5W - Supports V1/V2 video signal input - Supports PAL/NTSC - Adjustable width of metal holder: 10.5~19.5mm - Supports enjoying music by using IR wireless headset - Package includes: - 1 x Headset monitor - 2 x Metal mounting holder - 1 x Connection cable - 1 x Remote controller (1 x CR2025 battery included) - 1 x English manual
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