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An Unabridged, Digitally Enlarged Printing With All Figures, Including, But Not Limited To: STEAM ENGINE MECHANISM - Elements Of The Steam Engine - The Four-Link Slider Crank - The Plain Slide-Valve Engine - The D Slide-Valve And Steam Distribution - Relative Position Of Valve And Piston - Effects Of Lap - Lead - Positions Of Eccentric For Opposite Directions Of Rotation - Rocker Arms - Dead Centers - Clearance - Real And Apparent Cut-Off And Ratio Of Expansion - Corliss Valve Gear - Relative Motions Of Piston, Crank, And Valves - STEAM ENGINE DESIGN - Data And Calculations - The Boiler Pressures For Different Types Of Engines - Economical Ratio Of Expansion - Piston Speed - Clearance - Engine Calculations - Back Pressure And Point Of Exhaust Closure - Calculations For Simple Non-Condensing Engine - Calculations For High-Speed Automatic Cut-Off Engine - Hoisting And Locomotive Engines - Cylinders And Steam Chests - Steam Ports And Passages - Engine Shafts And Cranks - Crankpins For Overhung Crank - Hollow Pistons - Built Up Pistons - Solid Pistons - Marine Pistons - Piston Packing - Piston Rod - Connection Of Rod To Piston - Proportions For Connecting Rods (Solid And Open) - Strap-End Connecting Rod - Crossheads - Valves, Valve Steams, And Eccentric Rods - Eccentric Sheaves And Straps - Stuffing Boxes - Engine Flywheels - Calculations For Built-Up Flywheels - Flywheel Rim Joints - Stress In Rim Flange, And In Bolts Fastening Arm To Rim - Engine Frames, Or Beds - Examples Of E...
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