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Did you ever wonder how much something weighs? When buying things by weight it is easy to be shorted. With smaller objects and purchases missing a small amount of weight can be a big difference. No-one likes to be shorted on their purchases! If you're the type of person who makes purchases with the priced based on the weight then DX has a product for you. This is the ultimate in pocket scales. This wicked little scale has a hard plastic cover to keep it safe and accurate. It has a clearly readable digital display for accurate readings. It’s capable of weighing up to 100g with an accuracy of 0.01 g. This great gadget requires 2 AA batteries for operation and comes with a stylish leather pouch. It’s an unbeatable price with free world wide shipping included. Don't miss out on this absolutely wonderful option brought to by DX - 0.9" LCD display - Capacity: 100 g - Resolution: 0.01 g - Units: g/dwt/oz/ct - Powered by 2 x AAA battery (included) - Comes with a leather carrying pouch + English user manual
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