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Act I - Scene 1: The Town SquareThe curtain rises on the protagonists, Franz and Swanilda who are losl in each other's affection. Just above them on a balcony, Dr. Coppelius appears carrying Coppelia - a life-size doll that he has made. At this point, Franz and Swanilda start to argue - Swanilda accuses Franz of flirting with the village girls and ho denies it, assuring her that she is the only one for him. Swanilda is not convinced and runs off. Coppelius conies down into the square and dances a solo: he is so proud of Coppelia that he wants people to believe that she is human. The villagers arrive and, on noticing Coppelia sitting on the balcony, they wave but she remains motionless. Swanilda returns and dances a pas de deux with Franz… Act I - Scene 2: Coppelius's WorkshopSwanilda is climbing the ladder to the balcony, followed reluctantly and nervously by herfriends. They find themselves in a workshop full of dolls, strange masks and rubber limbs. On close inspection, the girls realise that Coppelia is just a doll like the oilier dolls in the workshop. Among these are dolls who each perform a characteristic dance, much to the amusement of Swanilda and her friends: Chinese doll, Spanish doll, Scottish doll and Nutcracker doll. Panic sets in on hearing Coppelius's footsteps and in their terror the girls dress up in the costumes of the various dolls and hide the naked dummies. Swanilda takes Coppelia's costume… Act II: The Town Square - "Dedication Of The Bell" The occas...
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