13 inch 128x64 oled display module blue 7 pins spi interface diy oled screen diplay compatible for a - купить helpalt.ru  
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1 3 inch 128x64 oled display module blue 7 pins spi interface diy oled screen diplay compatible for arduino купить по лучшей цене

Brand OPENJUMPER Model OJ-KZ008 Quantity 1 Color Red + black Material PCB Features Zduino Ethernet which contains USB download POE power TF card slot etc. as well as lead foot position is a micro controller board based on Arduino Ethernet; With this module you can connect micro controller to internet and build your network application. The built-in W5100 network module can transform Arduino into a web server; It can use Ethernet library file in IDE to make a simple web server; It also supports Micro SD card reading and writing. Specification Processor: ATmega328p; Working voltage: 5V; Best input voltage: 7~12V (40V max.); POE input module voltage: 7~30V (48V is needed); I/O foot: 14; 3 5 6 9 10 11 interfaces are for PWM output; 10 11 12 13 interfaces are for SPI communication; interface 4 is for TF card CS; Interface 10 is for W5100 CS; Interface 2 is for disconnecting; Analogue input pin: 6; DC output of each I/O: 40mA (The total working current of the processor should not exceed 200mA 3.3V); DC output: 50mA; Flash memory: 32KB (0.5KB for bootloader 2KB for SRAM 1KB for EEPROM); Working clock: 16 MHz; TCP/IP Ethernet controller W5100 supports Power Over Ethernet Micro SD card (TF card); Micro USB download: Supports Micro SD (8GB max.) reading and writing; Ethernet and Micro SD card use the same SPI slot via time-sharing multiplexing technology interface 4 and 10; More SPI connection is supported when interface 4 and 10 are prioritized; Compatibility: Arduino Duemilanove (168 or 328) Arduino UNO. (Does not support Arduino Mega 1280 and Arduino Mega 2560) Application N/A English Manual/Spec Yes (electronic files) Packing List 1 x Module
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