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HBX 2098B 1/24 4WD Mini RC Climber/Crawler Metal Chassis Description: It's HBX 2098B 2.4G 1/24 4wd mini rc climber or crawler,it has metal chassis and frame parts which make the car stronger,and it takes advantage of 5-cable SERVO to help the car perform better.In addition,it lowers the center of gravity by placing the motor horizontally,thus,making the car more stable while running. This crawler is very special,it has 2 steering servos,so it's four wheel steering,much better than the old version,besides,it comes with a transmitter which has 4 modes,you can choose what mode you like to play with this fantastic mini crawler. size:175 x 125 x100mm weight(without battery):270g axle base:120mm wheel base:100mm wheel diameter:55mm wheel width:27mm chassis height:39mm gear ratio:1/65 speed:40cm/s SERVO:9G 5-cable SERVO motor:1/24 rc car dedicated motor ESC:two in one integrated ESC receiver:two in one integrated receiver battery:6.4V Li-ion battery transmitter:2.4G led transmitter suitable battery for transmitter(not included):3 x AA battery Package Included: 1 x 1/24 rc mini crawler 1 x 2.4G transmitter 1 x 6.4V lipo battery 1 x balance charger
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