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TS-BTDF01 Bluetooth 2.1 digital transmitter allows you to get rid of the bondage of all kinds of cables. Whether you are on a comfortable sofa or move in the room. Blu-ray and any other devices with "auxiliary 3.5mm jack output, Coaxial audio output or Optical Toslink Audio output" into a wireless audio transmitter, streaming music & audio from your devices via Bluetooth to your favorite Bluetooth headphones or to your Bluetooth speakers/Sound-bars. Adopts the latest Bluetooth V2.1 technology, support A2DP agreement. Max transmitting range is 10m. Feature Flash Bluetooth wireless transmission function Using the latest Bluetooth 2.1 technology, support A2DP agreement, not only greatly improve the data transfer rate, more to ensure the stability of audio and sound quality Support 3.5mm audio output types of products With optical coaxial and 3.5mm input, suitable for TV, Blu-ray DVD, iPhone, cellphone, computer etc. Transmission distance Maximum distance of up to 10 meters. 10 groups memory function, auto pairing This product can memory 10 groups device which paired with it already, and automatically paired when next time you use. High-performance chip Bluetooth transmitter with high sensitivity level and high-performance chip East to use Easy to use by connecting audio input line to change the common sound box to Bluetooth one. Suitable for Suitable for set-top boxes, Apple TV Box, TV, Blue-ray DVD, audio amplifiers and other components with optical, coaxial, 3.5mm audio output types of products. Small size Compact size for ease of carrying anywhere Specifications Support Bluetooth A2DP/IOPT Profile Bluetooth Frequency 2402-2480MHz Power Supply 5V/500MA Frequency response 20Hz - 20KHz Effective distance 10m Input Level 2+/-10% Vrms L/R Channel Isolation -45dB SNR (nominal, Audio R/L) >90kB THD (nominal, Audio R/L) 0.05% Optical Input Specifications Wavelength (nominal): 640-670nm Optical Power Input (nominal) -17Bm Unit Dimension 9L x 6W x 2.5H cm Package included 1 x Bluetooth Digital Transmitter, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x USB Power Cable, 1 x Toslink Optical Cable, 1 x User Manual Package size 19L x 12W x 4.5H cm Weight 210g Certification CE, FCC
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