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IIC / I2C 2004 204 20 x 4 Character LCD Display Module Blue For Arduino Description: The IIC 2004 LCD display module is a 4 line 20 character LCD module not only set the contrast control knob selector switch also has a backlight and IIC communication interface. For Arduino beginners, not for the cumbersome and complex LCD driver circuit connection and a headache, the real significance of this LCD module will simplify the circuit, this module directly into the Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 sensor expansion board IIC device interface can, GM 4P sensor connection cable, programmed through the Arduino controller, you can easily identify the slogan, sensor data records. Specification: Supply voltage: 5V Interface: I2C I2C address: 0x27 or 0x3F Pin definition: GND, VCC, SDA, SCL Contrast adjust: potentiometer The module is a low-power consumption character LCD module with a built-in controller The module can be easily interfaced with a MCU Display format: 20 Characters x 4 lines Fully assembled and tested serial LCD 20 x 4 module White text, blue backlight It is fantastic for Arduino based project Size: 9.8 x 6 x 1.2mm Package included: 1 x 2004 LCD display module
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