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The next title in our Rare and Unseen series looks at Take That the BRIT award-winning English pop band consisting of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Robbie Williams. The band s dance-oriented pop tunes and soulful ballads dominated the UK charts in the first half of the 1990s, spawning two of the best selling albums of the decade with Everything Changes and Greatest Hits 1996. After a ten year hiatus, the band (minus Robbie Williams) reformed and made a massive comeback with several albums of new material and a UK Tour. One of the most successful UK boybands of the 1990s, Take That have sold over 65 million records to date. Told through missing-believed-wiped archive interviews and rare and unseen footage of the band talking, this insightful DVD is a worthy addition to any Take That collection. Items genuinely unseen and never before seen on DVD including film from the ITN archive. Includes lost and now restored TV interviews from the past and rare film of the band talking about their career. A must for the die-hard fan! Featuring: # Come Back Tour Press Conference Uncut - 25.11.05 Gary, Mark, Jason and Howard talking frankly about their hopes and aspirations for a reformed Take That, contemplating life without Robbie # 2011 Tour Press Conference Uncut - 26.10.10. No more rumours as the tour dates are announced and the show goes on! # Behind The Scenes Of Tv Interviews # Revealing Insights From The Band Themselves In Their Own Words.
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