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The objective of this book is to provide adequate theoretical and practical knowledge on computer application packages for undergraduate students of engineering, practicing engineer, researcher and instructors. This book introduces the basic principle, theories and practical of computer application packages in Nigeria polytechnics and colleges of technology in line with current national board for technical education curriculum (NBTE). The book will be very useful for the readers of different categories as in undergraduate students of university, polytechnics, colleges of education and allied institutions in all fields of engineering. It can also be useful as an instructional material for practical computer application course in any discipline. Computer Application Packages Concept, Accessing Computer System through Windows Operating System, Word Processor Packages (Theoretical), Spreadsheet Packages, Presentation Packages, Database Software, Word Processing Practical Using MS-Word 2010, Data Processing Practical MS-Excel 2010, Statistical Software (SPSS), Presentation Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, Graphics Software (AUTOCAD for Drawing).
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