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Moderate and severe malnutrition under two years children remain a major public health problem in Bangladesh. Under a cross sectional study, to assess the complementary feeding practice among 6-23 months of children according to WHO guidelines in selected slum areas of Dhaka city, 120 children (M 53% & F 47%, age 14± 5.55 months) were collected purposively. Starting age of CF (months, M±SD) was found 4.77 ± 2.38. Only 22% of the children were given EBF. About 64% of the study subjects who were not exclusively breastfed started CF from 6 months and 11% during 4-6 months. Suji was mainly consumed by about 70% 6-8 months children for >1times/day and rice was taken in 9-11 months of age group (46%) and 12-23 months age group (74%) >1 times/day respectively. Egg, fish, GLV and fruits were the foods which consumed in least amount. In different age groups only 30%, 4% and 25% were found to receive appropriate frequency of meal and snacks according to WHO recommendations. About 52% of the subjects didn’t talk and help their children during feeding. Our results provided fruitful evidence regarding inappropriate CF practices among the slum of Dhaka city.
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