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The MPO Composers Forum is the first establishedcomposers' forum in Malaysia, based on funding byPetroliam Nasional Berhad(PETRONAS). By its ownaccount, the MPO Composers Forum has been successfulmeeting its goals of connecting composers withaudience and musicians, and of assisting in careerdevelopment of local composers within thegeographical context of Malaysia. This research sought to provide the historical context for the MPOComposers Forum's establishment and its impacttowards the performance of contemporary westernclassical music, Malaysian composers, performers, andaudience of contemporary western classical music inKuala Lumpur. Although at this point it may be tooearly to tell the full impact of the MPO ComposersForum on contemporary western classical music byMalaysian composers in Malaysia, by many appearances the forum has positioned itself well toat least have some impact, especially within KualaLumpur.
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